Recently I had been a guest of HuffPostLive, an Internet chat reveal that tackles the absolute most sensitive topics with elegance and a mental vision. The subject was entitled “whenever Predators tend to be ladies” and my other visitors had been all survivors of feminine rape.

These males were a brave bunch of dudes.

They had been daring simply because they spoke around against a cultural misconception that every boys, teens and guys like-sex — any kind of sex under almost any situation.

And so they conveyed the misunderstandings they believed because they’d already been trained this misconception after which happened to be later psychologically coerced or aggressively broken by a lady.

Usually the woman was a lot older therefore the child a mere child who was simply under the woman care or under some form of power vibrant that managed to make it impossible for him to express no.

Other times it was an intense girl which used date rape medicines and Viagra as the woman guns of rape.

Generally, the men felt traumatized and, because of the cultural misconception, thought helpless to share with you it or reach out for help.

Female sexual predators tend to be rare, however the numbers tend to be not clear because so few males and men report their criminal activities.

Ladies who use social power or chemical tools to obtain intercourse with men (or girl) are the maximum amount of violent attackers as a male rapist.


“the concept of male rape is

maybe not fodder for snickers.”

Therefore I want to get this clear.

The term “no” should be respected regardless of the gender of the individual. Before every two different people enter a sexual encounter, they need to end up being colleagues who can each give verbal consent.

The concept of male rape isn’t fodder for snickers. Truly a serious crime.

Additionally the wounds of real and mental upheaval are only as visceral in a male prey of rape as a female target.

In a number of ways, its more serious because there are few people they’re able to keep in touch with and couple of guys get the sympathy and therapy they need.

My personal cap goes to the incredible, progressed guys that starting to express themselves about this extremely tender subject.

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